pictures of Gondolin

High King of Noldor, Turgon Great of Gondolin, well-known as a Wise (44 kB)

Gondolin (20 kB)

amazing picture of Kingdom of Gondolin (479 kB)

eagles over Gondolin (22 kB)

dragons before the Fall of Gondolin (22 kB)

Fall of Gondolinu (57 kB)

Ecthelion and Balrog (56 kB)



pictures from ages before Lord of Rings

Morgoth (29 kB)

awakening of Elves near the lake of Cuivenen (34 kB)

battle of powers: Fingolfin and Morgoth (26 kB)

again Fingolfin and Morgoth (137 kB)

High King of Noldor in Middle-Earth, mighty Fingolfin (46 kB)

second battle of powers: Fingon and Gothmog (43 kB)

dragon Glaurung (26 kB)

Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga (69 kB)

Tuor (180 kB)

Tuor and mighty Ulmo (20 kB)

Earendil on his way to Valinor (91 kB)

Earendil and amazing Valinor (124 kB)

Earendil on Vingilot in the War of Wrath (63 kB)



pictures from ages of Lord of Rings

Gandalf (34 kB)

dragon Smaug (70 kB)

Gandalf over Orthank (34 kB)

Imladris (114 kB)

wizard Gandalf and shadow of Balrog (18 kB)

third battle of powers: Gandalf and Balrog (62 kB)

Saruman and Palantir (43 kB)

Gandalf and Shadowhair (26 kB)

Minas Tirith (44 kB)

tower of Minas Tirith (132 kB)

Dol Amroth (65 kB)

tower of Minas Morgul (72 kB)

Orodruina (54 kB)

Barad Dur (30 kB)

last battle of powers: Gandalf and Angmar (14 kB)



map 1: model of Middle-Earth with names of towns (76 kB)

map 2: painted Middle-Earth with czech names (257 kB)

map 3: model of Middle-Earth with points of towns (72 kB)

map 4: drawed Middle-Earth with english names (230 kB)