1. Battle: Battle under Stars : "Dagor-nuir-Giliath" The battle startet before the Sun and Moon but while it was going on the Sun rised. Feanor and his sons Landed on the shores of Beleriand beneith the feet of the Echoing Mountains, at that place which is called Drengist and they came into the land of Dor-Lomin in Hithlum. There a host og Orcs came down upon them and the first battle in Beleriand was going. The Elves was victorius and drove them away, and pursued theminto the plain of Ard-Galen, but Feanor advanced too far infront of his people and he was surrounded by Balrogs defending the rearguard He was wrapped in fire but fought undismayed but in length he was mortally wounded by the Balrog-Prince Gothmog. The sons of Feanor came and rescued him and bore him away to Mithrim but there was no hope for Feanor and before he died he cursed Morgoth thrice. Now Morgoth sent forth a embassy to offer terms of peace and even to surrender one Silmaril but both, Morgoth and Maedros came with greater force than agreed but Morgoth had the greatest and Maedros was captured in ambush and brought to Angband and Morgoth hung Maedros by the wrist of his right hand upon Thangorodrim. Now Fingolfin and his sons had crossed Helcaraxe and when he set food upon Middle-Earth the Moon first rose and when he marched into Mithrim seven days later the Suns first ray stroke Earth and all of the Orcs fleed into Angband and the elven host of Fingolfin smote upon the gates of Angband but Fingolfin withdrew his army back to Mithrim. Fingon son of Finarfin went in search of Maedros for the thought of Maedros and his torments troubled his heart and also he wantet to heal the unfriendly feelings between the sons of Feanor and his own house. Fingon found what he sought for while he was playing his harp in dismay he suddenly heard a faint woice calling to him but he could not reach Maidros, then Maidros begged him to shoot him with his bow and Fingon seeing no hope was about to and prayed to Manw to guide the arrow and give some pity for Maedros and the banished Elves, Manw did hear Fingon and he sent Thorondor the King of all eagles, he took up Fingon and bore him to Maedros and Fingon cut of the hand of Maedros to release him and then Thorondor bore them both back to Mithrim. Now the sons of Feanor and Fingolfin unitet there armies and and drove the servants of Morgoth back and they beleaguered Angband from East, West and South and long years of peace and happyness followed and this is the age of the siege of Angband.

2. Battle: The glorius Battle : Dagor Aglareb. The siege of Angband was interuptet by the second battle and two other lesser incidents. The battle startet in the year 60. Morgoth shook the Earth with eartquake and Orcs poured out of Angband and into Beleriand through the pass of Sirion and the land of Maglor between river Gelion and little Gelion. Fingolfin and Maedros gathered a great force and came upon the main force of Orcs and destroied them utterly in sight of Angband while others huntet and destroied those Orcs who strayed in Beleriand.

1. incident : In F.A.155 Morgoth sent forth a army into the North and by the shore of the Sea and the Grinding ice the came to Drengist the same way as Fingolfin, but Fingon came upon them and drowe them into the sea.

2. incident : In F.A.260 the siege of Angband was interuptet by the coming of Glaurung, but he was driven back to Angband by a host of horsed achers lead by Fingon, Glaurung was still in his youth only half-grown and not fully armoured. It is said that he was ordered out and it was not his own will to show himself this early.

3. Battle : Battle of Sudden Flame : Dagor-Vreged-ur or Dagor-Bragollach. The battle startet in the year of 455 in the beginning of the winter.This Battle ended the peace of the siege of Angband. Morgoth open the battle with fire that he led pour out from Thangorodrim and the Mountains of Iron over Ard-Galen and many Elves perished in the fire cought or unable to fly to the hills and mountains. In front of the army Morgoth sent forth was Glaurung, grown nearly to his full might, with Balrogs in his train and behind them came Orcs unnumbered and they broke the siege of Angband. Many of the greatest foes of Morgoth was destroyd in the beginning of this battle.

Finrod was surrounded by Orcs but he was rescued by Barahir and his men and for this Finrod gave Barahir his ring as a sign of eternal friendship. Barahirs brother Bregolas, who at that time was the Lord of First House, was killed in this Battle and so was Angrod and Aegnor brothers of Finrod and sons of Finarfin. Hador the Lord of the First House fell and with him also his youngest son Gundor while they defended the rearguard of Fingolfin. Lothlann, the marshes of Maedros and Thargelion was lost but Himring could not be taken and Maedros did deeds of surpassing valour. The tover of Tol-Sirion was taken by Sauron and made into a dark and evil place were werewulffs had there abode and Oredreth fleed to Nargothrond. Fingolfin who was in Hithlum heard that Dorthonien was lost, and that the sons of Feanor was driven from there lands, was cought by wrath and dispair and he rode alone to the gates of Angband and challenged Morgoth to a duel man to man. Morgoth was afraid of the duel but infront of his minions he did not dare to deny the challenge and he came forth clad in black armour with his weapon the mace of the underworld Grond. Fingolfins mail was overlaid with silver and his blue shield was set with crystal and in the hand he held his sword Ringil glittering like ice. Now Morgoth swong his hammer down like a bolt of thunder but each time Fingolfin leaped away and seven times he wounded Morgot with Ringil, but at least Fingolfin grew weary and Morgoth bore down his shild upon him, three times was Fingolfin crushed to his knees and three times he got up again but the last time he stumpled and fell backwards and Morgoth set his foot upon Fingolfins neck and there the High-King of Elves died but with his last strength he stroke Ringil into the foot of Morgoth. Morgoth would have feet his wulfs with Fingolfin but Thorondor, King of the Eagles, came down and smote his beak into Morgoths face and he bore the dead body of Fingolfin away and laid him on a mountain-top that looked down from the North upon Gondolin.

4. Battle : Battle of unnumbered tears : Nirnaith Arnediad, The battle startet in the year of 472, After Beren Barahirs son had manege to take a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth, Maedros had new hope, he saw that Morgoth was not invincibel and he and Fingon summoned a great host, there was the Elves of Ossiriand the dark men of east and the dark-Elves of the South, in the West stood Fingon, Huor and Hurin with there Men and Elves and even Turgon came forth from his secret city Gondolin with a mighty army. From Nargothrond came only a small host because Orodreth would not go to war by the bidding of any son of Feanor and from Doriath came an even smaller host because of the claim of the Silmaril from the remaining sons of Feanor, Thingol had there. Fingon had sent forth a Herald but Morgoth had wrongfully taken him captive and he killed him and sent the others back to Fingon with his head, Fingon was kindled to flame and his army leaped forth in sudden unslaught of the army of Morgoth with such strength that the host from Nargothrond burst trough the gates and slew the Orcs upon the stairs of Angband but in the end they were all slain here, no help came cuz they had moved with such haste and surprize that none could follow and Morgoth had let his main force come forth and Fingon and his Elves was driven back from the walls of Angband and retreatet with great loss, Hundor was slain and most of the Men from Brethil defending the rearguard, before Turgon could come to there aid and stop the minions of Morgoth. Now came Maidros from the East and Morgoth emptied Hell sending his last troops into battle, Glaurung and Balrogs and wolves, but even so if all had proven faithfull he could not have won but the sons of Ulfang went over to Morgoth and fell upon the rearflank of Maedros and he was driven Eastward and back from the battle and the army of Maedros had great suffer. Himring was taken but none of the sons of Feanor was slain.

In the west of the battle Fingon fell by the Balrog Gothmogs black axe held by firewips of anther Balrog who came up from behind, and his white banner broken and colored by his blod. The last stand of Hurin is the most renowned, here Huor fell fighting by a venumed arrow and Galdor and Gundor sons of Hador died at the same hill only Hurin survived and he at last was overtaken and brought to Angband. Turgon escaped with all of the remaining folks of Gondolin and what he could find of Fingons people into his secret dwelling.

The Fall of Gondolin.: F.A.500-507. One day Maeglin went into the mountains who encircled Tumladen; the Echoriath to quarry the hard iron in Angharbar and as he strayed alone in the hills he was taken by some Orcs prowling there and brought to Melkor to whom he revealed the secrets of Gondolin in return of his life and Idril; wife of Tuor and daughter of Turgon; King of Gondolin and last of the Noldor-princes. And Melkor aided by the cunning of Maeglin devised a plan to overtrow Gondolin and then Maeglin was bidden to fare home before his absence became suspecious. Now Idril had never liked Maeglin and she had long ago told Tuor of her doubt of Maeglin and that she feared that Maeglin would one day bring ill upon Gondolin and upon their child Earendil and she asked Tuor to begin a great task in secret; to delve a tunnel with some few trusted men, from their house unto the vale below but it should not run towards the Secret Escape but rather heading against the cleft of the eagles; Christhorn.

After seven years had gone by since the treason of Maeglin ( F.A.500.) Idril councel Tuor to press on that the tunnel soon was made ready for great fear had come to her heart and she had a boding that Melkor was behind it. Tuor chose several people of whom he trusted and gave them knoledge of the tunnel and of its use, but none of them spoke to Turgon of it for Maeglin was his sisters son and he trusted in him and held with blind obstinacy his belief in the impregnable might of the city.

The winter passed and a spring of wondrous glory melted the snow, the walley bursted into flowers and the festival of Nost-na-Lothion passed and the great feast of the Gates of Summer was drawing near.

In the evening before that day when the Sun was gone the light over the hills in the North grew red with a new glow, the glow of death and and all the hills in the North were ablaze and it was as if rivers of fire ran down the slopes to the plain of Tumladen, riders came over the plain who bore tidings of those who kept watch on the peaks and they told of shapes like serpents and a mighty host of Melkor. Fear and weeping woman blended with soldiers filled the streets of Gondolin. Mighty was the array of Gondolin and many was the colours of all the great houses.

There was the folk of the White Wing with Tuor in command, the folk of the Mole with Maeglin, the folk of the Swallow with Duilin their Lord and the Heavenly Arch with Egalmoth their Chieftain, the folk of the Pillar and and the Tower of Snow both under command of Penlod the tall, there was Galdor with his folks of the Tree, Glorfindel with the House of of the Golden Flower and there the host of the Harp with their leader Salgant and Ecthelion with the people of the Fountain and at last Rog with the folks of the Hammer of Wrath.

And now came the beasts across the walley and the white towers of Gondolin, dragons of fire and serpents of bronce fared about the hill of the city shooting arrows at them but they could not climp the steep hill because of its glassiness but Gothmog took council and he bade all things of iron gathered and piled up before the Northern gate and the gate fell with a great noise. Then the catapults and engines of war of the King poured darts and bolts and molten metals on the host of Melkor but an innumerable host of Orcs poured forth into the city. Then did Rog shout in a mighty voice and all the people of the Hammer and those of the Tree leapt at the foe, the hammers and the clubs rang and those of the Swallow and the Arch poured arrows like dark rain upon them and the Orcs fell like leaves in a storm. Yet for all their valour the Gondotlims were slowly trusted backward till the Orcs held part of the Northernmost city.

Tuor struggling in the streets wins back to his house to say Idril a last farewell but here he finds Maeglin who had looked for this moment to fulfill his designs and trow Earendil out of the window into the fire below and by force escape with the help of Idril. Maeglin had Idril by the hair and sought to drag her to the battlements that she might see the fall of Earendil to the flames but she fought like a tiger when Tuor rushes in. When Maeglin saw that he would stab Earendil with his knife but the child bit his hand and Tuor was upon him and he broke the hand of Maeglin and taking him by the middle he flung him far out of the window into the fiery fire below where he perished. Tuor left his companion Voronwe against his will with some few others to guard Idril and Earendil while he and the rest hastened to the battle who had grown wery evil.

Balrogs shot darts of fire and climbed into the city upon the backs of iron serpents while they loosened unceaseingly bolts of fire until a fire began in the city. Rog of the Hammer lifted his mace and he made a way before him by the wrath of his unset and all the people of his followed and they did deeds of what the Elves still sing. Many of the Orcs were slain in that attack and they ran even upon the coils of the iron serpents and came to the Balrogs and smothe them grievously. They battered them into nought and the numbers that fell that day was a marvel and a dread to the host of Melkor. Even down into the plains were they driven before the Hammer of Wrath until they at last was overwhelmed by an great force of Balrogs and Orcs. Now Melkor held the gate and great parts of the walls on either side and within the city they had won a great space reaching near to the centre and the Place of the Well and the Square of the Palace. But now came Ecthelion and the folk of the Fountain who was held in reserve and they fell upon the Orcs with their pale blades and Tuor and the people of the Wing ranged themselves beside Ecthelion so that they almost won back to the gate but the dragons had climped upon the coil of the iron serpents and upon their back was Balrogs and the Orcs taking heart from the coming of the Dragons and Balrogs assailed them grievously, Tuor slew Othred, Lord of the Orcs and five Balrogs with his axe and Ecthelion killed Orcobal the Orc champion and three Balrogs but he was wounded in his left arm and at last they had to withdraw to the Square of the folkwell where Galdor saved the life of Tuor and Ecthelion as Tuor stumbled and fell with Ecthelion who he carried. In the Square of the Well Tuor rallied those who had found their way to here and seeing that the Square of the King was easier to defend they gave way to that place but in the same moment they heard a noise and there came Glorfindel with the last men of the Golden Flower and as they cleared the Square of the Kings Palace came Egalmoth and the remaining of his folks.

The men of Melkor had now assembled their forces and seven fire-dragons with Orcs and Balrogs came upon them from North,East and West seeking the Square of the King and Tuor and Egalmoth went from place to place of the defence but Ecthelion lay by the Fountain because of his wound. There Tuor was sundered from Egalmoth and Gothmog came against him and weary of the heat and the battle he was beaten down by that demon but Ecthelion whos face was pale as grey steel and one hang was of no use strode above him as he fell and he drove at Gothmog but gave him only a wound and as Gothmog raised his whip Ecthelion used his helm who had a spike upon it and he drove that spike into the breast of the beast and twinkled his feet around the legs of Gothmog and they both fell into the Kings Fountain which was very deep. There found Gothmog his bane but also Ecthelion steel-laden as he were sank into the depths and died.

Because of the killing of Gothmog the enemy was wawering and now Turgon himself came and joined the battle and they almost won back the Square, two scores of Balrogs they hewed and even a fire-Dragon who fell into the fountain but because of this the vater in the fountain turned to steam and fog poured over the Square so none might see eachother in the scolding heat and the defenders was killed one by one until only a handful were gathering around the King who said : Great are the fall of Gondolin, Evil have i brought upon you in despite of of Ulmo, and now he leaves it to wither in the fire. There is no more hope in my heart for my city and no blow will i strike more. Let Tuor be your guide and your chieftain but i Turgon will not leave my city and will burn with it. The folk of the Royal House that yet lived would not leave but Tuor gathered all the maidens, children and mothers he could find and set them in the midmost of the train marshalled as well as was possible and on the way to his house he met Idril and Voronwe. Earendil was already with the most part of the guards of Idril sent to the tunnel. As Tuor and Idril meet there the tower of the King colapsed under the heawy attack from the host of Melkor and the fall of Gondolin was finaly achieved but Tuor and Idril and their child Earendil; the hope of the two kindreds escaped the fall with a host of few soldiers and a great trail of women and children through the tunnel deviced by the foreboding of Idril.

The Great Battle / War of the Wrath,: The Terrible Battle, in the year 533-543 the Pover of the Vest prepared for Battle and in 547 the host of Eonw and the sons of the Gods was seen shining upon the sea and the noise of his trumpets rang over the waves, He summoned all of the Elves and Men from Hithlum to the South and now great war came into Beleriand and Eonwe drove Balrogs and Orcs before him towards the North and Angband. There was gathered the whole pover of Morgoth and the North was in flame with war. the two hosts was on either side of Sirion but Eonwe crossed Sirion and the Balrogs was utterly destroyed save some who hid themselves at the root of the earth, and the uncountered legions of Orcs perished like straw in a great fire, then Morgoth desparetly loosed the winged Dragons from the pits of Angband and Eonwe and his host was driven back, for the Dragons was like a great roar of thunder and a tempest of fire and there wings were of steel. Now Earendil came shining like a white flame in the sky and Thorondor King of all birds and all the birds of heaven came too, and Earendil slew Ancalagon the Black the mightiest of the Dragon host and he fell down at Thangorodrim and it was broken, and the Dragons were destroyed exept two who fleed into the East.

Morgoth fled into his deepest mines, but he was dragged out and bound by the chain Againor and Eonwe took the two remaining Silmarils and Morgoths crown was made into a collar for his neck. The War of Wrath lastet for 50 years and in the year 597 Eonwe departet and went back to Valinor.